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Cockroach is executed in an ELECTRIC CHAIR: Artist is condemned for animal cruelty after killing bug that flew into his home

Sculptor Gabriel Tuazon rigged mini chair with battery wires and lightbulb Filmed himself flicking switch and electrocuting bug at home in Philippines Said he wanted to squash pest instead but didn't 'want his table getting dirty'

By Connor Boyd For Mailonline

Published: 08:07 EDT, 5 July 2018 | Updated: 17:59 EDT, 5 July 2018


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An artist has stirred up a frenzy on social media after executing a cockroach in a mini electric chair.

Sculptor Gabriel Tuazon snared the pest when it flew in through a window at his home in Pasig, Philippines, yesterday morning.

He spent two hours rigging up a mini wooden chair connected to battery wires and a light bulb before strapping the roach down with a metal lid on its head.

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Artist kills cockroach using bizarre miniature electric chair
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A cockroach was executed in a mini electric chair by an artist from the Philippines

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Sculptor Gabriel Tuazon (left)rigged up a mini wooden chair connected to battery wires and a light bulb (right)

Gabriel then filmed himself flicking the switch to send a current through the insect's body which began twitching as the electricity killed it.

But the artist was branded a torturer by commentators online who condemned the stunt as animal cruelty.

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Speech to the senate, December 8, 1959. Cited in Dubois, Politique , 169.

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Speech to the national assembly, November 9, 1967. Malraux was responding to the rapporteur for the budget, Valéry Giscard d’Estaing. Dubois, Politique , 167.

[15] Dubois, Politique , 167.

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Dubois, Politique , 15.

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“Highlight heritage with attention paid to the regions,” “pursue big cultural and architectural projects,” “preserve the vibrancy of the theater sector,” “take up the challenge of education and transmission,” “promote digital culture,” “support cultural industries,” “establish durable support for the press,” “aid the public audiovisual sector.” 2011 Budget of the Ministry of Culture and Communication , 29.

[18] Speech to the senate, December 8, 1959. Cited by Dubois, Politique , 169.

[19] Pierre Bourdieu and Jean-Claude Passeron, La Reproduction. Eléments pour une théorie du système d’enseignement (Paris: Minuit, 1970), 19. Cited by Dany-Robert Dufour in his excellent book Le Divin marché. La Révolution culturelle libérale (Paris: Denoël, 2007), 168.

[20] The culture ministry has announced that it will “be associated with” this “cultural component of high-school reform” and that it encourages “the development of partnerships between the supported artistic and cultural structures and the educational establishments, particularly through artist residencies.”

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Martha Nussbaum, Not For Profit: Why Democracy Needs the Humanities (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2010) [ Les Émotions démocratiques. Comment former le citoyen du XXI e siècle? . (Paris: Climats, 2011)].

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This study explores the effects of democratization on the transformation process of East Asian developmental states, focusing on financial reform in Korea and Taiwan after the Asian crisis.

Korea and Taiwan are regarded as typical examples of developmental states. Both countries experienced rapid growth under authoritarian regimes and have continued sustainable development after their transitions to democratic rule in the late 1980s. To varying degrees, Korea and Taiwan also share other similar characteristics such as Confucian culture, national division, small and open economies, high quality human resources, high interest in education, and slow processes of democratic consolidation with economic stagnation. As Cumings (1987) stated, when the two countries are compared to the rest of the world, the similarities are remarkable.

However, there are also salient differences between the two countries. Each has responded differently to the pressures of globalization, democratization, and informatization. Korea was severely hit by the Asian crisis, whereas Taiwan weathered the storm with relatively minor damage. The differences revealed through intra-regional comparison suggest that each country has followed path-dependent development. This is contrary to the argument that powerful forces for change applied across borders can overwhelm institutional inertia (Thatcher 2004).

How do we explain these different processes of development? The developmental model, which used to be an engine of growth in the past, is blamed as the main cause of the crisis. However, some argue that democratization limited the state’s role of promoting financial reform and new industrial policies, and made the East Asian economic structure vulnerable to external shocks. Though less academic attention has been given to the developmental model since the Asian crisis in 1997, the debate on the state’s role continues. Thus, the transformation of developmental states provides an interesting case in examining how internal and external pressures for change can be reconciled and how democracy can become public goods for development in some states, and public bads in others. The analysis of developmental states may also give us some clues regarding the issue of conversion versus diversion of the capitalist system. [1]

The relationship between democracy and economic development has been a perennial question for policy makers as well as scholars. Is democratization a panacea or a problem for reform? Are democratization and economic reform mutually supportive processes or in tension with each other? Both Korea and Taiwan face the daunting task of accomplishing democratic consolidation with economic growth, a task made all the more difficult—and important—by the economic crisis that began in late 2008. The introduction of democracy, however, can sometimes present obstacles for economic and political reform, and many new democracies tend to be fragile. The first objective of this study is to explore whether democratization in Korea and Taiwan has led to economic reform, focusing on the financial sector. The sustainable development of an economy can only be achieved through economic reform. The study of whether democratization is compatible with economic reform is therefore worthwhile.

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